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Blue Jays Hot Stove Talk

Now that the dust has settled from the removal of town hero, and club Ace Roy Halladay, let’s see what the Jays have gotten back in return. First we have Pitcher Kyle Drabek; a kid who possesses a mid nineties fastball, and a pretty decent curve ball. He will not be a Halladay replacement however could be a good number two option for our rotation. Having gone through Tommy John surgery does make some Blue Jays fans worried and that is understandable, however Drabek has since changed up some of his mechanics to keep it a simpler motion.

Next is catcher Travis Arnaud, more than a couple years away from the big leagues, this kid is really our future catcher. The Jays are so confident in his skills that they are already trying to include our former best catching prospect JP Arencibia to the Mariners along with Brandon League for Brandon Morrow. Not a bad move as Morrow is a really good pick up for the Jays will be a good set up man or possibly a closer. However the real meat of the trade is our next prospect.

The next prospect is a point of interest, Brett Wallace. We had Michael Taylor in the bag, the Phillies best power hitting outfielder. I would have loved to keep Taylor for one of the corner spots or maybe if his range was good enough right in CF and shit Vernon Wells who has seemingly lost some of his range over to one of the corner spots. However the Jays went in a different direction and chose to swap prospects with the Oakland Athletics and pick up third sacker Brett Wallace. While he is billed as a third baseman, he is a very big boy who will more than likely be pushed over to first base.

Let’s look at the possible line up of our 2010 Toronto Blue Jays

C John Buck
1B Lyle Overbay
2B Aaron Hill
SS John Macdonald/ Alex Gonzalez
3B Edwin Encarnacion
LF Travis Snider
CF Vernon Wells
RF Jose Bautista
DH Adam Lind

1. Ricky Romero
2. Kyle Drabek
3. Shaun Marcum
4. Scott Richmond
5. Jesse Litsch

(Closer could be Scott Downs or maybe Brandon Morrow)

I see an immediate need for a leadoff hitter and Joey Gathright is not the answer. Possible free agents the Jays should take a look at who are not going to be demanding the big dollars.

If they could sign:

Hank Blalock to play third base, Encarnacion just does not satisfy me at all at the hot corner.

Coco Crisp to take over for Vernon Wells at CF and become our leadoff hitter. Or sign Xavier Nady to play RF over Jose Bautista. Or perhaps Jays’ fans would like a defensive specialist like Reed Johnson.

Sign Starting pitcher Vincente Padilla to eat innings so our rookie arms don’t have to in the dog days of summer.

Then try to unload Lyle Overbay for anything promising, a utility player, or another arm in the bullpen could never hurt.

That would make the new line up

C John Buck
1B Brett Wallace
2B Aaron Hill
SS John Macdonald/ Alex Gonzalez
3B Hank Blalock
LF Travis Snider
CF Vernon Wells (Or Reed Johnson/Coco Crisp)
RF Xavier Nady(Or Vernon/Reed Johnson)
DH Adam Lind

This would be a much more entertaining team to watch as they could explode for runs on any given night, just don’t expect them to be defensive wizards on the field.


  1. I have to agree with you, the current line up as of today, does not lift me out of my seat to purchase any tickets. there has to be more coming, either via trade or signings.

  2. bud ur dreaming in techno-coulor if you belive the any of these possibiltys will infact come true. first:there is no chance that the rotation will have mgaowan, litch or draybec, magown and litch are injured(magawin just started throwing and litch cant even throw yet) and draybecs not major leauge ready yet. It be more likly that morrow takes the starting positions along with marc rzepceynski, and bret cecil filling out the order with marcum and romaro. also the idea of sighing blalock, crisp and padillia is not possible. Blalock is not an option, he is a old man now and he had to move to first because of his lack of range compaired to michial young and elvis andruws, hes also very slow. crsip is not as good as vernon in any sence, defence or hitting. Wells is still a high caliber defender with potencial still left in his bat and bautista has proved he is a qualty out fielder and a good (not great)bat, and with travis snyder ready to be on the opening day roster in left field with lind at the dh spot hes unnessicary and a waste of money, if they were looking to upgrade right fielders jason lane is the best option. hes good average range, an absoulte cannon for an arm with sniper scope accuracy and a very good bat that over time would become an elite swing potencialy contending for home run titles, i know this i work as a scout for a collage team and take in regualar games and have seen him several times. ive seen him play several times and my notes are consistant padillia would be a good idea but it is not relistic, theyre trying to build within and not spend money on short term fixes, he would definatly be a short term fix.

  3. Gee....if he scouts for a College team, he should sign himself in for a spelling course. Plus English, as he does not know what a run on sentence is.
    Other than that....he is interesting.

  4. me personly i think the te jays should revises the line up alitte and give Litsch time to be able to throw again. but on the other hand the scout has a point wells is more powereful and would be of more use. heres my qustion to the jays ball club. why did you trade roy he was the best picher the jays ever had no one will live up to him ever. so why even try

  5. all of your signings dont work with the blue jays long term plan...what you dont realize is that the blue jays are willing to take a hit in revenue for now to be extremely successful the next couple years and potentially be in the pennant race. A guy like Blalock would only be eating up salary, and i really dont think AA would want two 3 million dollar 3rd basemen in his lineup (after all Encarnacion is making about 2.5 million)