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Jays Will Be Better Than Expected

Another Bonehead Article by Fox

Foxsports has another article today which tells me that they haven’t done their research and knowing nothing about what’s going on in Blue Jays’s spring camp. They focus on Hill’s stats last year which are likely to decline somewhat, the loss of Scutaro’s bat, and the Roy Halladay trade. If this team were in L.A. or N.Y. they would be focus on all the shrewd moves by GM Alex Anthopolous, the upside of all the young players, particularly the pitching, as well as the likely comeback of Wells, Overbay, and Encarnacion. I predict there will be a bundle of writers who will be shaking their heads come mid-season asking themselves “where did these guys come from?”

Deperate Trade

On the surface, it doesn’t look like the Tigers got much in their deal for Nate Robertson. They had to pay almost all his salary and got a mid grade prospect projected as a lefty specialist out of the bullpen in return. Jay Voss an 8th round pick in 2007 had decent stats in AA last year but seems to be far below the original expectation the Tigers had in a deal for Robertson. Since they had to pay most of his salary anyway, I guess they didn’t feel he would perform enough to be at least a B level free agent in which they’d pick up a draft pick better than Voss.

Foxsports Reports Roster Limits are Inhibiting Trades

With so many teams at or close to the max of 40, including the Jays, teams have little room to add a player, without risking losing someone else. The roster sizes according to at the moment. Note that players on the 60 day DL do not impact the 40 man roster.

Angels – 38
Astros – 39
Athletics – 40 (1 player on 60-day DL)
Blue Jays – 40 (3 players on 60-day DL)
Braves – 39
Brewers – 39
Cardinals – 38
Cubs – 37
Diamondbacks – 40
Dodgers – 39
Giants – 38
Indians – 40 (1 player on 60-day DL)
Mariners – 40
Marlins – 37
Mets – 37
Nationals – 40 (1 player on 60-day DL)
Orioles – 40
Padres – 40
Phillies – 38
Pirates – 40
Rangers – 41 (2 players on 60-day DL)
Rays – 37
Red Sox – 40
Reds – 40 (1 player on 60-day DL)
Rockies – 40
Royals – 40 (1 player on 60-day DL)
Tigers – 40
Twins – 40
White Sox – 39
Yankees – 37

For the Jays this should not be a problem since anyone they trade will likely come from the 40 man pitching roster anyway and for which we have a suitable replacement. My expectation is that whoever the Jays acquire will be a prospect that may not yet be required to be put on the 40 man roster. So we could effectively free up a spot or two on the roster through trade.

William Bruyea

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