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Blue Jays Trade for Brett Lawrie

The Blue Jays traded the Brewers Marcum straight up for Brett Lawrie in what looks like a good trade for both teams. The Blue Jays get the Brewers top prospect in Lawrie the 16th pick in the 2008 who had a very nice showing this year in AA despite being only 20 years old. Lawrie was drafted as a catcher by the Brewers but was moved to second at his request where he is still learning defense. It is the defensive knock on Lawrie that is keeping him from the majors as his bat is already close to major league ready if you wanted to rush him up. Brett Lawrie also has the potential to be a real fan favorite hear in Toronto as he is from Canada and stared on the National Junior team. The one thing though that has to raise red flags for us Toronto fans is the Brewers likely completely gave up on Lawrie due to attitude issues, the main one being that he refused an assignment to the fall league which seems completely irrational given he is still learning a new position. Who knows maybe Lawrie has been trying to force a trade as he has been blocked going to the big club in Milwaukee by Rickie Weeks and that likely wasn't going to change meaning he would ride a lot of pine early in his career or be forced to switch positions again.

You always have to worry when you trade a know commodity like Marcum as they are really a suspect not a prospect, but sometimes you need to take a risk and it didn't look like we could resign Marcum and his value is high now. Lets hope the Brewers didn't swindle us like they did the Indians by dumping strikeout machine Matt LaPorta on them for CC Sabathia.


  1. In what I have read about Lawrie he seems to big for his britches, I hope we package him right back to the US.

  2. I don't know where these supposed "attitude issues" come from. I've followed Lawrie for years and I've never seen or heard of any problems. The guy is a stud. I don't think there's any problems with him in the least.

  3. I believe that Lawrie will be packaged with a couple of other players in order to secure the rights to Greinke.
    Once that deal goes through which is a very good possibility at this time I think the Jays should extend an offer to Manny Ramirez. If the price is right lock the guy up for 2 years and lets see what we have then.

  4. I too have been following the Lawrie/Marcum trade closely and come away with two conclusions: 1) Marcum refused an extension and the org. didn't want to chance his resigning or diminishing value if he had a mediocre year with f/a eligibility drawing closer. 2) The org. were sold on Lawrie's ceiling as a player and hard nosed demeanor.
    Lets not forget that the Brewers needed to do the deal because of their utter lack of ml pitching. So the notion that there maybe a personality issue doesnt wash completely. His scout ranking as a talent still stands.

  5. Even if we were to obtain Greinke we would not be competitive with NY or the Sox, especially if NY lands Lee. Moreover, it is unlikely that a "good old farm boy" like Greinke would head south two years from now once his contract is up. So, let's forget about him. As for Lawrie, I have a feeling that we will be very happy with this player for years to come. Moreover, his acquisition and the current SS probably make Hercheveria expendable in a trade. (He was likely offered as part of the Greinke deal.) Good work Antho...

  6. I read up on his supposed issues. The one big issue was complaining about getting only one at bat when he was brought up to the big camp. Big deal, I would have complained too. There is nothing wrong with this guy. Funny how people hear about "issues", then run with it. Do your research before making half-assed conclusions. Alex did.

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